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Legible applicants should be current students of:

  • 1st-3rd year of doctoral schools,
  • 1st year of master's studies (2nd cycle degree)*,
  • 4th year of a 5-year-masters studies (long-cycle)*.

* Successful applicants will be able to use a fellowship in their last year of study.

Legible academic fields: social sciences, humanities, management sciences, law and economy.

Past recipients of SYLFF fellowships may reapply. Their applications will be reviewed provided they enclose a report on how they used their previous fellowship.

Students who have been granted ERASMUS scholarships and/or funds for short term visits under the direct exchange scholarship agreements may apply for a SYLFF fellowship as long as they meet all required criteria. 

The JU SYLFF Steering Committee evaluates applications of candidates basing on the submitted complete application forms. Individuals whose projects will be highly rated may be invited for an interview. The result of the conversation will be taken into account in the decision making on the candidate's qualification.The following scale will be used:

a. evaluation of the objectives of the planned project related to the preparation of the master's or doctoral dissertation, taking into account the social dimension of the project (objectives clearly and accurately formulated, clearly identified social dimension of the project): 0-10 scores

b. evaluation of candidate's activity related to the fulfillment of the leadership role: 0-10 scores

c. evaluation of previous activities confirming the candidate's participation in research or other student activities: 0-5 scores

For the academic year 2024/2025, a maximum of 5 scholarships for the best candidates will be awarded. The amount of the scholarship depends on the amount of funds received in a given year from the Tokyo Foundation, to be divided, and depending on the duration of the scholarship's use by a candidate at a foreign university (on average, around 15.000 USD)

Scholarships can be used in any institution abroad in accordance with the rules of scholarship funds use approved by the JU SYLFF Steering Committee.

Member Institutions of the SYLFF network usually welcome SYLFF scholarship holders. However, there is no obligation to choose any of these institutions while applying for the SYLFF scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded by the JU SYLFF Steering Committee.

Length of the scholarship: minimum 1 semester, maximum one academic year.