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SYLFF at the Jagiellonian University

Program's objectives

The program objective is to support education of graduate and doctoral students who possess high potential as leaders in public life. A special emphasis is placed on social dimension and practical implementation of the candidate's project related to the fellowship.

Fellowships are granted to outstanding candidates in the field of humanties and social studies, as well as in law, economy and management studies.

The fellowship is meant to encourage learning engagements and projects (such as lectures, seminars, workshops and tutorials) and not just pure research. 

The year of foundation: 1992
Number of fellowships granted so far: 242, including 5 FMP

The fund source

The fund is generated by financial operations carried by the Sasakawa Foundation (now The Nippon Foundation) within the framework of  the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund.

Annual distribution of interest generated by the endowment

  • SYLFF fellowships for the long-cyle (graduate), second-cycle (graduate) and third-cycle (doctoral) students who want to participate in classes offered by the receiving institution, tuition fees, study program costs, accomodation, travel expenses and participation in conferences related to the study program*: 95%
  • local administrative costs: transportation, office supplies, etc.: 5%

Fellowship may be used at any foreign institution of higher learning as long the way it is used conforms to the decision made by the Committee.

SYLFF Institutions are usually very happy to receive SYLFF fellows, though there is no requirement to choose any of them to pursue fellowship.

At the Jagiellonian University fellowships are granted by the SYLFF Steering Committee.

Fellowship duration: minimum 1 semester, maximum one academic year

* The conference you intend to attend must be a part of your fellowship project. You should submit a letter from the conference organizers confirming your active participation in the form of, e.g., delivering a speech, attending a panel discussion, poster presentation or being one of the organizers.