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Application deadline: 1 June 2024.

The final deadline for submitting complete application forms to the SYLFF Coordinator in the International Relations Office, Czapskich 4, room 26.

Incomplete application forms will not be accepted, with the exception of  a letter of recommendation, which can be submitted separately.

No documents will be accepted after the specified deadline. The only exception may be the original invitation, which may be submitted no later than at the interview. 

A few days before the interview

The SYLFF Coordinator will send an e-mail message (using the e-mail address specified in the Application Form) to all applicants who submitted complete and officially appropriate application forms with an attachment containing an alphabetical list of all applicants who qualify for the interview.  The interviews will take place in the second half of June 2024. The language used at the interview will be English. The interview is a prerequisite for considering the application form. 

Soon after the SYLFF Steering Committee meeting

The  successful applicants will be informed via email.

Unsuccessful candidates will receive back the application forms, except for the letter of recommendation, which will be destroyed. They are asked to come to the SYLFF Coordinator and collect the documents.

In August or at the beginning of September

The University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc. will inform the Jagiellonian University about the exact amount of the fellowship fund available.

The JU SYLFF Coordinator will inform the successful applicants about the fellowship granted by a certified letter sent to the address specified in the Application Form. The letter will be accompanied by formal statements in English  certifying the grant, including, if desired, the exact amount. The statements may be obtained at an earlier date, though they will not contain the exact amount of the grant. 
Successful applicants are asked to review the Vital information section on further steps which should be taken.